Lee Fardon - The Savage Art Of Love
    1. A Thousand Shoes (Lee Fardon)
    2. Straight To The Heart (Lee Fardon)
    3. Magical Dance (Lee Fardon)
    4. No Wonder (Lee Fardon)
    5. Anger And The Rest (36 Room) (Lee Fardon)
    6. Trerason In Th Heart (Lee Fardon)
    7. Maria And The Writer (Lee Fardon)
    8. Bear Me Away (Lee Fardon)
    9. The Beat Sincere (Lee Fardon)


    Lee Fardon: Vocals, Twelve String Eletric Guitar, Guitars
    Jim Hall: Guitars, Classic Guitar
    Chris Staines: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals, Yamaha Dx-7 Synthesizer
    Jan Schelhaas: Keyboards
    Noel Brown: Slide Guitar
    Billy Nicholls: Background Vocals
    Hans Ferrao: Drums, Percussion
    Martin Ditcham: Percussion
    Jan Matthieson: Background Vocals
    Kay Langfield: Background Vocals
    Karen Taylor: Background Vocals
    Martin Dobson: Saxophone, Horns
    Martin Drover: Fluegelhorn, Horns
    Stuart Brooks: Horns

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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