Del Fuegos - Stand Up
    1. Wear Like A Cape (Dan Zanes, Mitchell Froom) - 4:15
    2. New Old World (Dan Zanes) - 3:54
    3. Name Names (Dan Zanes) - 3:21
    4. Long Slide (for An Out) (Dan Zanes) - 4:36
    5. He Had A Lot To Drink Today (Dan Zanes) - 3:02
    6. A Town Called Love (Dan Zanes, Jerry Scheff) - 4:04
    7. I Can'T Take This Place (Dan Zanes, Mitchell Froom) - 2:45
    8. News From Nowhere (Dan Zanes) - 3:50
    9. Scatching At Your Door (Dan Zanes, Jerry Scheff) - 4:00
    10. I'Ll Sleep With You (cha Cha D'Amour) (Dan Zanes) - 2:45


    Dan Zanes: Vocals, Guitars
    Warren Zanes: Guitars, Background Vocals
    Tom Lloyd: Bass Guitar, Ten Cellos, Vocals
    B. Woody Giessemann: Drums, Background Vocals
    James Raltson: Guitars, Background Vocals
    James Burton: Wah-wah Guitar, Dobro
    Alex Acuna: Percussion
    Stephanie Spruill: Vocals
    Merry Clayton: Vocals
    Marine Waters: Vocals
    Bobby King: Vocals
    Willie Greene Jr.: Vocals
    Donny Gerrard: Vocals
    Tom Petty: Vocals
    Mitchell Froom: Keyboards
    Charlotte Elizabeth: Harp

    Production Credits:

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