Brewer And Shipley - Rural Space
    1. Yankee Lady (Jesse Winchester) - 3:25
    2. Sleeping On The Way (Mike Brewer, Tom Shipley) - 2:19
    3. When The Truth Finally Comes (Mike Brewer, Tom Shipley) - 2:33
    4. Where Do We Go From Here (Mike Brewer, Tom Shipley) - 2:17
    5. Blue Highway (D. Getz, D. Gravenites) - 6:24
    6. Fly, Fly, Fly (Mike Brewer, Tom Shipley) - 3:08
    7. Crested Butte (Mike Brewer) - 3:23
    8. Got To Get Off The Island (Mike Brewer, Top Shipley) - 3:12
    9. Black Sky (S. Cash) - 3:39
    10. Have A Good Life (Mike Brewer, Tom Shipley) - 2:29


    Mike Brewewr: Guitars, Vocals, Percussion, Twelve String Acoustic Guitar, Foot Tambourine
    Tom Shipley: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Twelve String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    Bill Mundi: Drums, Percussion
    Fred Burton: Electric Guitar
    John Kahn: Bass Guitar
    Turk Murphy: Trombone
    Phil Howe: Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
    Leon Oakley: Coronet
    James Maihack: Tuba
    Mark Naftalin: Piano, Accordion
    Bill Vitt: Drums
    Buddy Cage: Pedal Steel Guitar

    Production Credits:

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