Eric Andersen - Tight In The Night
    1. Walking In My Sleep (Eric Andersen) - 3:33
    2. Lovin' You, Lovin' Me (Eric Andersen) - 2:53
    3. Jonah (Eric Andersen) - 4:07
    4. Girls Of Denmark (Eric Andersen) - 5:00
    5. Someone In My Life (Eric Andersen) - 4:00
    6. What Will You Do With My Heart (Eric Andersen) - 5:25
    7. She Can Dance (Eric Andersen) - 3:50
    8. Straight Life (Eric Andersen) - 3:50
    9. Count On You (Eric Andersen) - 5:39
    10. Tight In The Night (Eric Andersen) - 3:16


    Bucky Berger: Drums
    Terry Wilkins: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
    Scott "professor Piano" Cushnie: Keyboards
    Mitch Lewis: Guitars, Background Vocals
    Jody Golick: Saxophone
    Eric Andersen: Guitars, Piano, Vocals
    Pelle Alsing: Drums
    Backa Hans Erickson: Bass Guitar
    Hasse Olson: Keyboards
    David Carlson: Guitars
    Glen Myerscough: Saxophone
    Per ????? Cussion ?????: Percussion
    Mikael Rickfors: Background Vocals
    Basse Wickman: Background Vocals
    Eva Dahlgren: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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