Mary Coughlan - Uncertain Pleasure
    1. Man Of The World (Pete Glenister)
    2. I Can'T Dream, Can'T I? (Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal)
    3. Whiskey Didn'T Kill The Pain (John Duhan)
    4. A Leaf From A Tree (Mark E. Nevin)
    5. The Little Death (Pete Briquette, Bob Geldof)
    6. Invisible To You (Pete Glenister, Scott Wilk)
    7. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Hoagy Carmichael)
    8. Heartbreak Hotel (Axton, Durden, Presley)
    9. Red Ribbon (Mark E. Nevin)
    10. Mother'S Little Helper (Mick Jagger, Keith Richard)


    Bob Andrews: Keyboards, Accordion, Hammond Organ
    Danny Thompson: Bass Guitar
    Neil Conti: Drums, Brushes
    Pete Glenister: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Programming, Effects Guitar, Twelve String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Slide Guitar
    Frank Collins: Background Vocals
    Ebo Ross: Background Vocals
    Nigel Rush: Background Vocals
    Phil Overhead: Percussion, Drums
    Pat Collins: Violin
    Conor Barry: Acoustic Guitar
    Jon Mackenzie: Bass Guitar
    Blair Cunningham: Drums
    Mary Coughlan: Vocals, Background Vocals
    Mark E. Nevin: Guitars
    Simon Edwards: Bass Guitar
    Roy Dodds: Drums
    Roger Behajolais: Glockenspiel
    Jeff Dunn: Drums
    Violet Williams: Background Vocals
    Frank Kapelle: Background Vocals
    Guy Barker: Trumpet
    Christian Marsac: Acoustic Guitar
    Kirsty Maccoll: Background Vocals
    Richey Buckley: Soprano Saxophone
    Helen O'Hara: Violin
    Gavin Povey: Accordion

    Production Credits:

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