Hoyt Axton - Life Machine
    1. Maybelline (Chuck Baeer, Alan Freed, Russ Fratto) - 2:53
    2. Life Machine (Hoyt Axton) - 3:28
    3. That'S All Right (Arthur Crudup) - 5:11
    4. Geronimo'S Cadillac (Michael Murphey, Charles Quarto) - 3:42
    5. When The Morning Comes (Hoyt Axton) - 3:27
    6. Good Lookin' Child (Hoyt Axton) - 2:49
    7. I Dream Of Highways (Hoyt Axton, Renee Armand) - 2:32
    8. Pet Parade (Hoyt Axton) - 3:16
    9. Telephone Booyh (Hoyt Axton) - 3:24
    10. Boney Fingers (Hoyt Axton, Renee Armand) - 3:05
    11. Billie'S Theme (Hoyt Axton) - 2:31


    Sammy Lee Creason: Drums
    Leland Sklar: Bass Guitar
    Michael Urley: Piano
    Hoyt Axton: Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
    Terry Reid: Electric Guitar
    Mark Dawson: Harp, Background Vocals
    Milt Holland: Percussion, Vibes, Melody Maker With Brushes
    Clydie King: Background Vocals
    Sherlie Matthews: Background Vocals
    Ann Goodman: Cello
    Tom Scott: Horns
    Dick (slyde) Hide: Horns
    Paul Hubinon: Horns
    Michael Barone: Horns
    Gene Cipriano: Horns
    Vincent De Rosa: Horns
    Flo & Eddie: Background Vocals
    Linda Ronstadt: Background Vocals
    Lee Montgomery: Background Vocals
    Bob Lind: Background Vocals, Lead Guitar
    Emory Gord: Bass Guitar
    James Burton: Electric Guitar, Dobro
    Jimmie Lee Keltner: Drums
    David Jackson: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
    Loren Newkirk: Piano, Celeste
    Dr.eric Hord: Slide Guitar
    Douglas Dillard: Banjo, Background Vocals
    Stickhy Washburn: Background Vocals
    Dana Brany: Background Vocals
    Denny Brooks: Background Vocals
    Ralph Mooney: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Red Rhodes: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Renee Armand: Background Vocals
    Emory Gordy: Bass Guitar
    Ronee Blakley: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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