Cooper Brothers - Cooper Brothers
    1. Rock And Roll Cowboys (Richard Cooper) - 4:30
    2. The Dream Never Dies (Richard Cooper) - 4:11
    3. Melody'S In My Mind (Richard Cooper) - 4:50
    4. Old Angel Midnight (Richard Cooper) - 4:49
    5. Life Names The Tune - We Dance (Richard Cooper) - 6:34
    6. Away From You (Richard Cooper) - 6:27
    7. Portrait (Richard Cooper) - 3:59
    8. Crazy Sundays (Richard Cooper) - 3:57


    Brian Cooper: Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Richard Cooper: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    Terry King: Steel Guitar, Vocals
    Don Bregg: Vocals
    Al Serwa: Keyboards, Background Vocals
    Glen Bell: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
    Darryl Alguire: Harmony Vocals, Percussion
    John Saunders: Banjo
    Keith Jollimore: Saxophone
    Gloves Mcguinty: Ragtime Piano
    Al Briscoe: Dobro
    Lenny Solomon: Fiddle
    Charlie Robertson: Flute
    Steve Hollingworth: Drums, Background Vocals

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