Michael Cooeny - Michael Cooney Or: "The Cheese Stands Alone"
    1. Turkey In The Straw (Traditional)
    2. Worried Blues (Traditional)
    3. Fannin Street (Leadbelly)
    4. Jim Crack Song (Traditional)
    5. Riongs Of The Time (Traditional)
    6. Creole Belle (George Sidney, J. Bodelwalt Lampe)
    7. John Henry (Traditional)
    8. Nu Grape (Traditional)
    9. Apple Picker'S Reel (Larry Hanks)
    10. That Crazy War (Traditional)
    11. Red Cross Store Blues (Leadbelly)
    12. The Bankers And The Diplomats Are Going (Malvina Reynolds)
    13. Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase (Pete Seeger)
    14. The Engineer (A.a. Milne, Des Rainey)


    Michael Cooney: Vocals, Guitars

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    Marco Giunco
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