Terry Clarke - The Shelly River
    1. Irish Rockabilly Blues (Terry Clarke)
    2. The Leaving Of Sligo (Terry Clarke)
    3. Sea Song (Terry Clarke)
    4. The Edge Of Shamrock City (Terry Clarke)
    5. Last Summer A Cloonacool (Terry Clarke)
    6. This Town'S Too Small (Terry Clarke)
    7. Raining All Over The World (Terry Clarke)
    8. Johnnie'S On The Road (from The North Co (Terry Clarke)
    9. American Lipstick (Terry Clarke)
    10. Detroit To Dingle (Terry Clarke)
    11. The Shelly River (Terry Clarke)
    12. Dream Of Time (Terry Clarke)
    13. Sligo Honeymoon 1946 (Terry Clarke)
    14. Hometown (Terry Clarke)
    15. Song Of The Streets (Terry Clarke)


    Terry Clarke: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    The Knaves Of Heart & The Oyster Island Mandolins: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Mandola, Bouzouki, Mandocello Guitar
    Jackie Diamond: Percussion

    Production Credits:

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