Terry Clarke - Call Up A Hurricane
    1. Rock The Baby (Terry Clarke)
    2. The New Camelot (Terry Clarke)
    3. The Stars Of Austin (Terry Clarke)
    4. Blow Wind Blow (Terry Clarke)
    5. Wish You Were Here (Terry Clarke)
    6. Why Don'T You Take Me (Terry Clarke)
    7. Blue Hills (Terry Clarke)
    8. The Arizona Girl (Terry Clarke)
    9. Vally Of The Blue Eyes (Terry Clarke)
    10. Buddy'S Waiting On The Flatland Road (Terry Clarke)


    Terry Clarke: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Andy Arrow: Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Carboard Box, Door Hinges, Beer Bootles, Plastic Cups
    J.d. Foster: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals, Percussion, Guitars, Bass Fretless, Steel Hinges, Piano, Bouble Bass
    Flaco Jimenez: Button Accordion, Mexicana Accordion
    David Grissom: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    Mike Hardwick: High String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
    Herb Steiner: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Rich Brotherton: Acoustic Guitar, High String Guitar, Background Vocals, Electric Guitar
    Eric Hokkanen: Fiddle
    Ray Valla: Mandolin
    Freddie Krc: Drums
    Danny Barnes: Banjo

    Production Credits:

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