Paul Brady - John Vesey & Paul Brady The First Month Of Spring
    1. Collier'S Reel - The Merry Harries (Traditional)
    2. Wynnie Flynn'S - Uncle Ginger'S (Traditional)
    3. The Pride Of Rock Chepel-sarsfield'S-roo (Traditional)
    4. Killoran'S - Cronin Of Kerry (Traditional)
    5. Charlie Mulvahill'S-first Month Of Summe (Traditional)
    6. The Reel Of Reo - The Green Mountain (Traditional)
    7. Ah Surely - Mcglinchey'S Fancy (Traditional)
    8. Martin Wynne'S (Traditional)
    9. Up Sligo (Traditional)
    10. The First Month Of Spring-ed Reavv'S Fan (Traditional)
    11. The Tramp (Traditional)
    12. Love At The Endings - The Blackthorn Sti (Traditional)


    Paul Brady: Acoustic Guitar
    John Vesey: Violin

    Production Credits:

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