Thom Bishop - The Wireless Wonder
    1. The Wireless Wonder (Thom Bishop) - 4:07
    2. Ever Lovin' You (Thom Bishop) - 1:57
    3. Guadalupe (Thom Bishop) - 2:52
    4. Nobody Else (Thom Bishop) - 3:56
    5. Summer '61/spanish Harlem (Thom *phil Bishop *spector, Jerry Leiber) - 4:30
    6. The Dream Was Never Me (Thom Bishop) - 3:55
    7. Too Soon To Say I Love You (Thom Bishop) - 3:14
    8. Let Go# (Thom Bishop) - 3:45
    9. Just Because You Didn'T Answer (Thom Bishop) - 3:29
    10. Somebody Feels The Water (Thom Bishop) - 4:30


    Dana Walden: Keyboards
    Rocky Maffit: Percussion, Background Vocals
    Billy Panda: Lead Guitar, Steel Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Guitarrin
    Michael Reeg: Bass Guitar
    Jeff Klaven: Drums
    Paulie Carman: Background Vocals, Vocals
    Rena Jones: Background Vocals, Vocals
    Leon Reeder: Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Thom Bishop: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    Junior Burke: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, High String Guitar
    James Barton: Acoustic Guitar
    Ed Tossing: Keyboards
    Joe Dolister: Bass Guitar
    Paul Redmann: Drums
    Bruce Gaitsch: Electric Guitar
    Ray Sasaky: Trumpet

    Production Credits:

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