Average White Band - Volume Viii
    1. Kiss Me (Hamish Stuart) - 3:49
    2. Love Won'T Get In The Way (Gavin Christopher, Alan Gorrie, Hamish Stuart) - 5:01
    3. Love Gives, Love Takes Away (Alan Gorrie) - 4:09
    4. Growing Pains (David Foster, Alan Gorrie, Hamish Stuart) - 4:21
    5. Pick Up The Pieces (Roger Ball, Hamish Stuart, White) - 3:58
    6. Person To Person (Hamish Stuart, Alan Gorrie, White) - 3:38
    7. Cut The Cake (White, Alan Gorrie, Robbie Mcintosh) - 4:03
    8. A Love Of Your Own (Hamish Stuart, Ned Doheny) - 4:01
    9. Queen Of My Soul (Hamish Stuart) - 4:34


    Alan Gorrie: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar
    Hamish Stuart: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar
    Roger Ball: Keyboards, Saxophone
    Onnie Mcintyre: Vocals, Guitars
    Malcom Mollie Duncan: Saxophone
    Robbie Mcintosh: Drums
    Steve Ferrone: Drums
    Jerry Jey: Trumpet
    Gary Grant: Trumpet
    Ernie Watts: Saxophone
    Bill Reichenbach: Trombone

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