A Train - Overdue
    1. That Train (Buddy Flett) - 3:14
    2. Woman Like That (Buddy Flett) - 2:00
    3. All The Time (John Howe) - 4:06
    4. People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield) - 6:14
    5. Love Is Fair (Bruce Flett) - 4:16
    6. Riff Raft (Chris Mccaa) - 3:21
    7. Get A Grip (Bruce Flett, Buddy Flett) - 4:38
    8. Third House On The Left (Buddy Fleet) - 3:35
    9. If You Knew How Much I Loved You (David Egan) - 2:23


    Chris Mccaa: Keyboards, Vocals
    Bruce Flett: Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Buddy Flett: Guitars, Vocals
    Pat Jacobs: Drums
    John Howe: Saxophone
    Mike Pars: Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    David Egan: Background Vocals, Piano
    Miki Honeycutt: Background Vocals, Vocals
    Michael Johnson: Percussion
    Karen Edwards: Background Vocals
    Dana Loewenstern: Background Vocals
    Jimmy Honeycutt: Alto Saxophone
    Bill Spahr: Baritone Saxophone

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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