Ronney Abramson - Stowaway
    1. Your Love Gets Me Around (Ronney Abramson) - 3:20
    2. Moon'S Memory/sometime (Ronney Abramson) - 3:48
    3. Long Lonely Winter (Ronney Abramson) - 3:11
    4. S-t-o-please (Ronney Abramson) - 3:41
    5. Baby Brown Eyes (Ronney Abramson) - 3:29
    6. Two Faces Of Woman (Ronney Abramson) - 3:27
    7. As Time Sneaks By (Ronney Abramson) - 4:02
    8. Never Seen To Get Along Without You (Ronney Abramson) - 2:31
    9. Song For Canaan (Ronney Abramson) - 2:43
    10. The Best Friend I'Ve Ever Known (Ronney Abramson) - 3:12


    Ronney Abramson: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
    Bob Mann: Electric Guitar
    Don Potter: Acoustic Guitar
    John Capek: Fender Rhodes Piano, Piano, Tack Piano
    Dennis Pendrith: Bass Guitar
    Fred (bongo Kong) Mollin: Bongos, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
    Matthew Mccauley: Synthesizer, Background Vocals, Percussion, Autoharp, Glockenspiel
    Ron (the Man) Dann: Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
    Bruce Cockburn: Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimers, Electric Guitar
    Jorn Andersen: Drums
    Moe Koffman: Horns, Flute
    Pat La Barbera: Horns
    Gery Morgan: Horns
    Russ Little: Horns
    Fred Mckendre: Background Vocals
    Al Mollin: Pinball
    Matthew McCauley: Arrangement

    Production Credits:

    Matthew McCauley: Producer
    Fred Mollin: Producer
    Andrew Hermant: Engineer
    Gary Grey: Engineer
    Ken Friesen: Engineer
    Bob Ludwig: Mastering
    Bart Schoales: Photography, Art Direction

    Marco Giunco
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