Kate MacKenzie - Let Them Talk
    1. Heartbreak Hill (Harris/Kennerley) - 3:09
    2. Down on the Riverbed (Hidalgo/MacKenzie/Perez) - 4:15
    3. Waitin' on the Storm (Giese/MacKenzie) - 4:09
    4. I Get the Blues When It Rains (Klauber/MacKenzie/Stoddard) - 3:16
    5. Forgive and Forget (Kane) - 3:20
    6. One Wrong Turn (Brown) - 4:02
    7. He Knows How Much We Can Bear (Public Domain) - 2:50
    8. Pan American Boogie (Delmore/Delmore) - 3:00
    9. Let Them Talk (MacKenzie) - 3:28
    10. Woman Like Me (Brown) - 4:38


    Sam Bush: Mandolin
    Emmylou Harris: Vocals
    Ron Block: Guitar
    Stuart Duncan: Fiddle, Mandolin
    Béla Fleck: Banjo
    Nick Forster: Guitar, Vocals
    Isaac Freeman: Vocals
    James Hill: Vocals
    Viktor Krauss: Bass
    Kate MacKenzie: Vocals
    Alan O'Bryant: Banjo, Vocals
    Walter Settles: Vocals
    Adam Steffey: Mandolin
    Wilson Waters: Vocals
    Alison Drauss: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Bob Feldman: Executive Producer
    Nick Forster: Producer
    Hank Tilbury: Engineer
    Bil VornDick: Engineer
    Irene Young: Photography
    Ed Kaufman: Engineer
    Nona Amour: Stylist

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words