Carolyne Mas - Modern Dreams
    1. It's Important (Mas-Chapman)
    2. Signal for Help (Robinson-Martin)
    3. I Waited All Night (Mas)
    4. Little Baby of Mine (Mas)
    5. Dirty Lying (Mas)
    6. Laurielle (Mas)
    7. Easy Love (Mas)
    8. What Is It About You Baby (Mas)
    9. Love Like Stone (Mas)
    10. Under One Banner (Nicholls)


    Carolyne Mas: Lead and backing vocals, guitars, synthesizer, mandolin, percussion
    Bobby Chouinard: Drums
    Crispin Cioe: Saxophone, flute
    Rick De Sarno: Guitar
    Ivan Elias: Bass
    Charlie Giordano: Keyboards
    Lyon Jates: Additional guitars and percussion, backing vocals
    Crispin Cioe: Brass
    Robert Funk: Brass
    Arno Hecht: Brass
    Paul Litteral: Brass
    Stephanie Fuller: Backing vocals
    Robin Beck: Backing vocals
    Chip Taylor: Backing vocals
    J. T.: Additional piano

    Production Credits:

    Phil Chapman: Producer, Engineer
    Jon Astley: Producer, Engineer
    Don Wershba: Assistant engineer
    Howie Weinberg: Mastered

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words