Mark-Almond - Mark Almond
    1. Ghetto (Mark) - 6:05
    2. City: Grass & Concrete/Taxi to Brooklyn... (Mark) - 11:30
    3. Tramp & The Young Girl (Mark) - 4:55
    4. Love: Renaissance/Prelude/Pickup/Hotel... (Mark) - 11:49
    5. Song for You (Sutton) - 8:25


    Jon Mark: Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Guitar (Classical)
    Tommy Eyre: Organ, Flute, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Harmony Vocals, Brass Arrangement,
                         Harmonic Arrangement
    Roger Sutton: Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Johnny Almond: Alto, Conga, Flute (Bass), Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Harmony Vocals,
                              Vibraphone, Brass Arrangement, Harmonic Arrangement

    Production Credits:

    Hugh Murphy: Producer, Production Supervisor
    Richard Dunkley: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words