Jimmy MacCarthy - The Song of the Singing Horsemen
    1. On My Enchanted Sight (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    2. A Hard Man to Follow (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    3. Mystic Lipstick (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    4. Missing You (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    5. Ride On (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    6. No Frontiers (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    7. The Mad Lady & Me  (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    8. The Grip of Parallel (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    9. The Bright Blue Rose  (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    10. Ancient Rain (Jimmy MacCarthy)
    11. The Song of the Singing Horseman (Jimmy MacCarthy)



    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words