Joe Ely - Twistin' in the Wind
    1. Up on the Ridge (Ely) - 4:59
    2. Roll Again (Ely) - 5:00
    3. It's a Little Like Love (Ely) - 5:32
    4. Twistin' in the Wind (Ely) - 5:16
    5. Queen of Heaven (Ely/Nabors/Pierce) - 4:37
    6. Sister Soak the Beans (Ely) - 4:43
    7. I Will Lose My Life (Ely) - 5:34
    8. You're Workin' for the Man (Ely) - 3:54
    9. Nacho Mama (Ely) - 3:31
    10. Behind the Bamboo Shade (Ely) - 6:58
    11. Gulf Coast Blues (Ely) - 4:45
    12. If I Could Teach My Chihuahua to Sing (Ely/Rhodes/Rhodes) - 3:07


    Joe Ely: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Mitch Watkins: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards
    Bukka Allen: Keyboards
    David Grissom: Guitar (Electric)
    Donald Lindley: Percussion, Drums
    Lloyd Maines: Dobro, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel)
    Davis McLarty: Drums
    Jesse Taylor: Guitar (Electric)
    Glenn Fukunaga: Guitar (Bass)
    Chris Searles: Percussion
    Joel Guzman: Accordion
    El Gato: Vocals (bckgr)
    Teye: Flamenco Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Joe Ely: Producer
    Little Johnny Fader: Engineer
    Denny Purcell: Mastering
    Charles Ray: Engineer
    James Tuttle: Engineer
    Jim Wilson: Mixing

    Marco Giunco
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