Jim & Ingrid Croce - Bombs over Puerto Rico
    1. Age (Croce/Croce)
    2. Spin, Spin, Spin (Croce/Croce)
    3. I Am Who I Am (Croce/Croce)
    4. What Do People Do (Croce/Croce)
    5. Another Day, Another Town (Croce)
    6. Vespers (Croce/Croce)
    7. Big Wheel (Croce)
    8. Just Another Day (Croce/Croce)
    9. Next Man That I Marry (Cashman/Pistilli/West)
    10. What the Hell (Cashman/Pistilli/West)
    11. Man That Is Me (Croce/Croce)


    Jim Croce: Vocals, Guitar (12 String)
    Gary Chester: Drums
    Eric Weissberg: Mandolin
    Tommy West: Guitar, Piano
    Dick Weissman: Banjo
    Ingrid Croce: Vocals
    Harry Katzman: Fiddle
    Gene Pistilli: Guitar, Piano
    John Stockfish: Bass
    Aine Minogue: Triangle

    Production Credits:

    Terry Cashman: Producer
    Tommy West: Producer
    Gene Pistilli: Producer
    Nick Venet: Producer
    R.A. Andreas: Photography, Illustrations
    Richard Weize: Reissue Producer, Discography
    Richard Flohil: Liner Notes
    Birgit Schneider: Artwork
    Gerd Weiler: Artwork
    Ingo Steinbach: Mastering

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words