Harry Chapin - Dance Band on the Titanic
    1. Dance Band on the Titanic (Chapin)
    2. Why Should People Stay the Same (Chapin)
    3. My Old Lady (Chapin)
    4. We Grew up a Little Bit (Chapin)
    5. Bluesman (Chapin)
    6. Country Dreams (Chapin)
    7. I Do It for You, Jane (Chapin/Chapin)
    8. I Wonder What Happened to Him (Chapin)
    9. Paint a Picture of Yourself (Michael)  (Chapin)
    10. Mismatch (Chapin)
    11. Mercenaries (Chapin)
    12. Manhood (Chapin)
    13. One Light In a Dark Valley (An Imitation Spiritual) (Burke)
    14. There Only Was One Choice (Chapin)


    Harry Chapin: Guitar, Vocals
    Elliott Randall: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
    Victoria: Conductor, Conga
    Tom Chapin: Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
    Buzz Brauner: Sax (Tenor)
    Barbara Carr: Vocals
    Stephen Chapin: Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals
    Harry DeVito: Trombone
    Harry DiVito: Trombone
    Howie Fields: Drums
    Steve Gadd: Drums
    Marsh Lynn Goldberg: Vocals
    Jeff Gross: Vocals
    Neil Jason: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
    Arthur Jenkins: Percussion
    Bernie Keising: Bass, Vocals
    Art Krahulck: Vocals
    Barbara Lindquist: Vocals
    Guy Lumia: Concert Master
    Theodore Marnel: Vocals
    Craig Mitchell: Vocals
    Nancy Newman: Vocals
    Ronald Palmer: Guitar, Vocals
    John Quayle: Vocals
    Steve Randall: Vocals
    Donna D. Reilly: Vocals
    Kim Scholes: Cello
    Mike Solomon: Vocals
    Chris Waite: Percussion, Tambourine
    Doug Walker: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    John Wallace: Bass, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
    Tim Scott: Cello
    Art Krahulek: Vocals
    Weldon Anderson: Photography

    Production Credits:

    Ron Bacchiocchi: Assistant Engineer
    Ray Bardani: Assistant Engineer
    Michael Barry: Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
    Stephen Chapin: Producer
    Jack Malken: Engineer
    Tony Lane: Art Direction, Design
    Gus Skinas: Programming, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
    Robert Ludwig: Mastering

    Marco Giunco
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