Woodstock Mountains - More Music From Mud Acres
    1. Bluegrass Boy (John Herald) - 3:17 
    2. Cold Front (Artie Traum) - 3:09
    3. Sleep With One Eye Open (Lester Flatt) - 3:10
    4. Killing the Blues (Roly Salley) - 3:47
    5. Waiting for a train (Jimmie Rodgers) - 3:03
    6. Morning Blues (Traditional Arr: Happy Traum, John Sebastian) - 2:37
    7. Weary Blues (Hank Williams) - 3:17
    8. Mason Dixon's on the Line (Pat Alger) - 2:33
    9. My Love Is But a Lassie Yet  (Traditional Arr: Bill Keith) - 1:05
    10. Woodstock Mountains (John Herald) - 3:43
    11. Long Journey (R.Watson) - 2:45
    12. Sally Ann (Traditional Arr: Happy Traum) - 2:50
    13. Barbed Wire (Artie Traum) - 3:00
    14. Whole World Round (Traditional Arr: Lee Berg) - 2:15
    15. Amazing Grace (Traditional Arr: Paul Butterfield, John Sebastian) - 2:28


    John Herald: Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Gordon Ticomb: Mandolin
    Roly Salley: Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocal, Vocals
    John Sebastian: Harmonica, Vocals, Guitar, Lead Vocal , Bass
    Happy Traum: Melodica, Banjo, Guitar, Vocal, Lead Vocal
    Andy Robinson: Vocals
    Artie Traum: Guitar, Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bass
    Pat Alger: Guitar, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Rory Block: Vocals, Guitar
    Jim Rooney: Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Bill Keith: Banjo
    Larry Packer: Violin
    Joe Schick: Vocals
    George James: Vocals
    Lee Berg: Vocals, Guitar, Lead Vocal
    Eric Andersen: Guitar, Vocals, Steel Drum Guitar
    Paul Siebel: Guitar, Vocals
    Ron Sutton: Dobro
    Gordon Titcomb: Pedal Steel, Mandolin
    Eric Kaz: Piano
    Richrad Bell: Organ
    Paul Butterfield: Harmonica

    Production Credits:

    George James: Producer
    Artie Traum: Producer
    Happy Traum: Producer, Liner Notes
    John Holbrook: Engineer
    Thomas Mark: Engineer, Mixing
    John Nagy: Mixing
    Ceci Sebastian: Photography
    Pat Alger: Album Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words