The Kids from Fame

From the NBC-TV series
produced by MGM Television

    1. Starmaker (Bruce Roberts,Carole Bayer Sager) - The Kids from Fame - 4:06
    2. I Can Do Anything Better Then You Can (David Wolfert, Sandy Linzer) - Debbie Allen, Erica Gimpel - 3:06
    3. I Still Believe in Me (Susan Sheridan, Gary Portnoy) - Debbie Allen, Erica Gimpel - 3:26
    4. Life is a Celebration (Rick Springfield) - Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imparato - 3:04
    5. Step Up to the Mike (Alan Gordon) - Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imparato, Valerie Landsburg, Gene Anthony Ray - 3:34
    6. Hi-Fidelity (Enid Levine) - Valerie Landsburg - 2:44
    7. We Got the Power (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) - Erica Gimpel, Gene Anthony Ray - 3:22
    8. It's Gonna Be a Long Night (Gary Portnoy, Estelle Levitt) - Lori Singer  - 4:00
    9. Desdemona (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) - Carlo Imparato, Valerie Landsburg, Gene Anthony Ray - 3:35
    10. Be My Music(Lee Curreri,Ethan Horowitz) - Lee Curreri,Erica Gimpel,Valerie Landsburg,Gene Anthony Ray - 3:43


    Barry Fasman: Arranger
    Jai Winding: Keyboards, Synthesizers
    David Garfield: Keyboards, Synthesizers
    Robbie Buchanan: Keyboards, Synthesizers
    Lee Curreri: Keyboards, Synthesizers
    Michael Boddicker: Keyboards, Synthesizers
    John Hobbs: Keyboards, Synthesizers
    Dean Parks: Guitars
    Michael Landau: Guitars
    Mitch Holder: Guitars
    Greg Poree: Guitars
    Nathan East: Bass
    Dennis Belfield: Bass
    Andy Muson: Bass
    Rick Shlosser: Drums
    David Kemper: Drums
    Steve Forman: Percussion
    Gary Coleman: Percussion
    Julia Waters: Background Vocals
    Maxine Waters: Background Vocals
    Oren Waters: Background Vocals
    Luther Waters: Background Vocals
    Denise DeCaro: Background Vocals
    Joseph Williams: Background Vocals
    Nick Uhrig: Background Vocals
    Marti McCall: Background Vocals
    Carl Graves: Background Vocals
    Gail Heideman: Background Vocals
    Mark Creamer: Background Vocals
    Clydene Jackson: Background Vocals
    Steve Perry: Background Vocals
    Kathy Burch: Background Vocals
    Mendy Lee: Background Vocals
    Gary Herbig: Sax
    Alan Gordon: Announcer
    Jim Horn: Sax
    Jerry Hey: Orchestra Arranger, Conductor
    Jay Winding: Rhythm Arranger
    Sid Sharp: Concertmaster

    Production Credits:

    John Arrias: Engineer
    Stuart Graham: Engineer
    Joe Robb: Engineer
    Mike Lietz: Engineer
    Tony D'Amico: Engineer
    John Mills: Engineer
    Chris Bellman: Mastering
    Linday Gerrity: Production  Coordinator
    Marge Meoli: A & R Coordinator
    Tim Bryant: Art Direction & Design
    Glenn Parsons/Gribbit: Art Direction & Design
    Ron Slenzak: Cover Photography
    Barry Fasman: Producer
    Charles Koppelman: Executive Producer
    Martin Bandier: Executive Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words