Jim Infantino - Jim's Big Ego More Songs About Me
    1. Desperate Times
    2. Lionel Say
    3. Under The Atrium
    4. Can't Fall Down
    5. Butthead
    6. Someday Cafe
    7. Bite Me (hard)
    8. Don't Look Down
    9. I Should Be With You
    10. Vandals
    11. Room
    12. She Turns Me On
    13. Darlene


    Jim Infantino: Guitars, Samples, Lead Vocals, Harmonicas
    Ryan McMillan: Drums
    Alex Smoller: Bass
    Bruce Langfeld: Additional Guitars
    Martin Sexton
    Chris Trapper
    Anandi Gefroh

    Production Credits:

    Lionel Cassin: Producer
    Brian Doser: Recorder, Mixing
    Jonathan Wyner: Mastered

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words