Folk Live from Mountain Stage
    1. It Sure Was Better Back Then (Forbert, Steve) - 3:47
    2. Fishin' in the Dark (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) - 4:01
    3. Sweet Is the Melody (DeMent, Chris) - 2:41
    4. Gentle on My Mind (Hartford, John) - 2:08
    5. Beat the Retreat (Thompson, Richard) - 4:02
    6. Driving Home (Wheeler, Cheryl) - 3:18
    7. Time Passages (Stewart, Al) - 4:27
    8. Take This Hammer (Mahal, Taj) - 4:14
    9. Letter from Heaven (Morrissey, Bill) - 2:15
    10. Lives in Balance (Havens, Richie) - 4:38
    11. John Wayne Lives in Holboken (Delevantes) - 4:31
    12. Sun Won't Stop (Near, Holly) - 3:19


    Taj Mahal: Guitar, Vocals
    John Hartford: Banjo, Vocals
    Iris Dement: Guitar, Vocals
    Richie Havens: Guitar, Vocals
    Bill Morrissey: Guitar, Vocals
    Cheryl Wheeler: Guitar, Vocals
    Holly Near: Vocals
    Steve Forbert: Guitar, Vocals
    Al Stewart: Guitar, Vocals
    Richard Thompson: Guitar, Vocals
    Bob Thompson: Keyboards
    Peter White: Guitar
    Mike Compton: Mandolin
    John Bucchino: Piano
    Paul Flaherty: Monitor Mixer
    Bob Carpenter: Bass, Vocals (bckgr)
    Jimmie Fadden: Harmonica, Percussion
    Jeff Hanna: Guitar, Vocals
    Jimmy Ibbotson: Guitar, Vocals
    Michael Lipton: Guitar
    Julie Adams: Vocals
    John Kessler: Bass
    Ammed Solomon: Percussion, Drums
    Darrin Vincent: Bass
    Robert Delevante: Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Larry Groce: Producer
    Al Bunetta: Executive Producer
    Francis Fisher: Engineer, Technical Director
    Randy LeRoy: Digital Editing, Mastering
    Michael Lipton: Assistant Enginner
    Andy Ridenour: Executive Producer
    Dawn Bunetta: Production Coordination
    Jim Burrows: Monitor Mixer
    Don Wafer: Stage Director
    Linda McSparin: Associate Producer
    Chris Framan: Compilation Producer
    Annebelle Thompson: Assistant Producer
    Angie Crowder: Assistant Producer
    Billy Prine: Compilation Assistant

    Marco Giunco
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