Rare on Air, Vol. 3
    1. State Trooper (Cowboy Junkies) - 4:43
    2. Dancing Barefoot (Smith, Patti) - 4:41
    3. Twister (Remy Zero) - 4:46
    4. Never Is a Promise (Apple, Fiona) - 5:40
    5. Fall in Love with Me (Booth & The Bad Angel) - 4:24
    6. Alice Childress (Ben Folds Five) - 4:18
    7. Official Ironmen Rally Song (Guided By Voices) - 2:42
    8. Spinal Column (Stereolab) - 3:04
    9. She's Gone (Tindersticks) - 3:40
    10. 23 Minutes in Brussels (Luna) - 5:50
    11. Ecclesiastes: Free My Heart (NdegéOcello, Me'Shell) - 5:21
    12. Angel on My Bike (Wallflowers) - 4:46
    13. Imagine (Rubalcaba, Gonzalo) - 5:51
    14. Secret O' Life (Taylor, James/Grolnick, Don) - 3:43


    James Taylor: Guitar, Vocals
    Don Grolnick: Piano
    Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Piano
    Jeffrey Cain: Guitar (Electric)
    Alan Anton: Bass
    Angelo Badalamenti: Keyboards
    Tim Booth: Vocals
    Allen Cato: Guitar
    Stanley Demeski: Drums
    Jakob Dylan: Guitar, Vocals
    Sean Eden: Guitar
    Kevin Fennell:
    Tim Gane: Guitar
    Mary Hansen: Guitar, Vocals
    Richard Harrison: Bass
    Justin Harwood: Bass
    Rami Jaffee: Piano
    Me'Shell NdegeOcello: Vocals
    Andy Ramsay: Drums
    Laetitia Sadier: Vocals, Moog Synthesizer
    Daniel Sadownick: Percussion
    Tony Shanahan: Guitar
    Patti Smith: Vocals
    Arif St. Michael: Vocals
    Biti Strauchn: Vocals
    Margo Timmins: Vocals
    Michael Timmins: Guitar
    Peter Timmins: Drums
    Wally Traugott: Mastering
    Michael Ward: Guitar, Vocals
    Dean Wareham: Guitar, Vocals
    Tobin Sprout: Guitar
    Ben Folds: Piano, Vocals
    Robert Pollard: Vocals
    Fiona Apple: Piano, Vocals
    Matt Sweeney: Bass
    David Boulter: Keyboards
    Mark Colwill: Bass
    Dickon Hinchliffe: Guitar, Violin
    Cedric Lemoyne: Bass
    Robert Sledge: Bass, Vocals
    Cinjun Tate: Guitar, Vocals
    Mitch Mitchell: Guitar
    Greg Slay: Drums
    Neil Fraser: Guitar
    Al McAuley: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Bob Carlson: Producer, Engineer
    Vaughan Oliver: Art Direction, Design
    Scott Fritz: Engineer
    Timothy O'Donnell: Design
    Chris Douridas: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words