This Is Boston...Not Austin, Vol. 2
    1. Slowly (Pushstars, The) - 3:21
    2. Did I Ever Know You? (Paul, Ellis) - 4:17
    3. Ordinary Soldier (Kimball, Jennifer) - 5:04
    4. Snowflakes (Swift, Ben) - 4:04
    5. Paris (Geltman, Laurie) - 5:28
    6. Lies (Brennan, Dennis) - 4:09
    7. Last Hard Road (Cage, Joel) - 5:02
    8. Still (Cross, Ellen) - 3:38
    9. Out Here (Mulvey, Peter) - 3:46
    10. I Have Nothing for You (Gilbert, Vance) - 2:27
    11. She Just Works There (Soloway, Faith) - 3:46
    12. My Country (White, Freddie) - 2:52
    13. Everybody's Crazy (Klein, Jess) - 3:17
    14. When the Band Comes to Play (Landin, Ned "Flathead") - 5:30
    15. No Love (Sangiolo, Maria) - 3:44
    16. King Kamehameha Blues (Levine, Duke) - 5:09
    17. (Smith, Patricia) - 4:04
    18. (Smith, Patricia) - 2:40
    19. (Mason, Timothy) - 2:54
    20. (Edumo, Francisco) - 1:51
    21. (Edumo, Francisco) - 1:19
    22. (Cominsky, Brian) - 2:40
    23. (Cominsky, Brian) - 2:12
    24. (Bewheelah) - 2:01
    25. (Bewheelah) - 3:06
    26. (King, Lisa) - 2:24
    27. (McCarthy, Jack) - 3:25
    28. (Buckley, Bob) - 2:11
    29. (Berry, Patricia) - 2:39
    30. (Cambridge, Richard) - 2:39


    Duke Levine: Guitar, Mandola, 6-string Bass, Lap Steel Guitar
    Ellis Paul: Guitar, Vocals, Voices
    Kevin Barry: Guitar
    Paul Bryan: Bass
    Bob Buckley: Voices
    Paul Caruso: Percussion
    Richard Gates: Bass
    Vance Gilbert: Guitar, Vocals
    Zev Katz: Bass, Fretless Bass
    Jennifer Kimball: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
    Henk Kooistra: Mastering
    Chris Lannon: Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
    Alizon Lissance: Accordion
    Doug Plavin: Drums
    Marc Shulman: Guitar (Electric)
    Tom West: Organ, Piano
    Alan Williams: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Jonathan Wyner: Mastering
    Dennis Brennan: Guitar, Vocals
    Maria Sangiolo: Guitar, Vocals
    Jay Bellerose: Drums
    Richard Haddad: Drums
    Jim Henry: Guitar
    Patricia Smith: Voices
    Chris Golden: Bass
    Dan McLaughlin: Bass, Vocals
    Freddie White: Guitar, Vocals
    Peter Mulvey: Guitar, Vocals, Voices
    Joel Cage: Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
    Chris Trapper: Guitar, Vocals
    Ricahrd Cambridge: Voices
    Brian Cominsky: Voices
    Ned "Flathead" Landin: Guitar, Vocals
    Faith Soloway: Guitar, Vocals
    Laurie Geltman: Guitar, Vocals
    Ben Swift: Guitar, Vocals
    Lisa King: Voices
    Patricia Berry: Voices
    Timothy Mason: Voices
    Ryan MacMillan: Drums
    Ellen Cross: Guitar, Vocals
    Francisco Eduomo: Voices

    Production Credits:

    Patato: Producer, Engineer
    Mason Daring: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Brian Capouch: Engineer
    Jennifer Kimball: Design
    Chris Lannon: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Darleen Wilson: Producer
    Ben Wittman: Producer, Engineer
    Dennis Brennan: Producer
    Jim Siegel: Producer, Engineer
    Chris Rival: Engineer, Mixing
    Jay Ward: Producer, Engineer
    Dan McLaughlin: Producer
    Susan Wilson: Photography
    Joel Cage: Producer, Engineer
    Chris Trapper: Producer
    John Francis Bourke: Photography
    Ralph Jaccodine: Producer
    Ned "Flathead" Landin: Producer, Engineer
    Joshua Lavine: Photography
    Liz Linder: Photography
    Shay McGowan: Engineer
    Jim Pelrine: Assistant Engineer
    Rob Swalley: Engineer
    John Whipple: Photography
    Laurie Geltman: Producer
    Robert Tobey: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words