Butter08 (Cibo Matto) - Butter
    1. 9MM (Butter Eight)
    2. Shut Up (Butter Eight)
    3. Butter of 69 (Butter Eight)
    4. Dick Serious (Butter Eight)
    5. How Do I Relax (Butter Eight)
    6. It's the Rage (Butter Eight)
    7. Mono Lisa (Butter Eight)
    8. What Are You Wearing (Butter Eight)
    9. Sex Symbol (Butter Eight)
    10. Degobrah (Butter Eight)
    11. Hard to Hold (Butter Eight)
    12. Butterfucker (Butter Eight)



    Yuka Honda: Guitar, Piano, Organ (Hammond), Vocals (bckgr), farfisa organ, Juno
    Rick Lee: Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Sampling
    Mike Mills: Bass, Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
    Sean Lennon: Keyboards
    Josh Roseman: Trombone
    Timo Ellis: Drums
    Russell Simins: Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals
    Miho Hatori: Organ, Piano, Drums, Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Yuka Honda: Producer
    Jamey Staub: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Howie Weinberg: Mastering
    Michael Lavine: Photography
    Russell Simins: Producer
    Joe Witkop: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words