This Is Boston...Not Austin, Volume 1
    1. Just One Word (Brooke, Jonatha) - 4:34
    2. Paperback Man (Paul, Ellis) - 4:24
    3. Taste to Be Aquired (Vinx/Gilbert, Vance) - 5:13
    4. Glory Bound (Sexton, Martin) - 4:17
    5. Take Me to the Sea (Connolly, Kevin) - 2:54
    6. Suprise (Saner, Lynne) - 3:18
    7. Silvertown (Trapper, Chris) - 3:47
    8. Everytime (Wood, Eoin) - 3:46
    9. Stress (Infantino, Jim) - 3:40
    10. Falling (Herlihy, Dave) - 3:31
    11. Sweet Adiction (Pasternak, Deb) - 4:29
    12. Golden Fear (Staples, Sean) - 4:36
    13. She's Just Gone (Greenway, Greg) - 4:35
    14. I'm Not Down (Svetkey, Jon) - 4:27
    15. Happy with You (Kessler, Barbara) - 3:58


    Vinx: Vocals
    Ellis Paul: Guitar, Vocals
    Jonatha Brooke: Guitar, Vocals
    Paul Bryan: Bass
    Brian Capouch: Engineer
    Vance Gilbert: Guitar
    Tim Jackson: Drums
    Alain Mallet: Piano
    John Svetkey: Guitar, Vocals
    Barbara Kessler: Guitar, Vocals
    Ron Curcio: Keyboards
    Phil Antoniades: Drums
    Chris Rival: Guitar (Electric), Slide Guitar
    Jeff St. Pierre: Bass
    Adam Steinberg: Guitar
    Don Conoscenti: Percussion, Vocals
    Dave Herlihy: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals, Producer
    Logan: Percussion
    Greg Greenway: Guitar, Vocals
    Martin Sexton: Guitar, Vocals
    Deb Pasternak: Guitar, Vocals
    Kevin Connolly: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Huck Bennert: Percussion
    Chris Trapper: Guitar, Vocals
    Gregory Wostrel: Photography
    George Rossi: Organ (Hammond)
    Tom Sheppard: Bass, Bass (Electric)
    Eoin Woods: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Peter Irvine: Drums
    Lynne Saner: Guitar, Vocals, Producer
    Sean Staples: Guitar, Vocals
    Ryan MacMillan: Drums
    Amy Malkaff: Vocals
    Alex Smoller: Bass

    Production Credits:

    John Farrell: Engineer
    Huck Bennert: Engineer
    Brian Doser: Engineer, Mixing
    Amy McGrath: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words