The Dirty Dozen Brass Band  - Open Up: Whatcha Gonna Do for the
                                                Rest of Your Life?
    1. Use Your Brain (Lewis) - 6:50
    2. Open up (Whatcha Gonna Do for the... (Joseph) - 2:49
    3. Lost Souls (Of Southern Louisiana)... (Davis) - 14:23
    4. Deore Sceadu (Dark Shadow) (Davis) - 2:22
    5. Dominique (Dirty Dozen Brass Band) - 4:21
    6. Charlie Dozen (Joseph) - 4:51
    7. Song for Lady M (Lewis) - 5:00
    8. Remember When (Harris) - 4:07
    9. Darker Shadows (Davis) - 5:34
    10. Eyomzi (Dyani) - 4:29


    Lionel Batiste: Drums (Bass), Drums (Snare), Cowbell, Hi Hat
    Gregory Davis: Trumpet, Finger Cymbals
    Kevin Bruce Harris: Sax (Tenor), Vocals, Cowbell
    Charles Joseph: Trombone, Tambourine, Vocals
    Kirk Joseph: Sousaphone, Vocals
    Roger Lewis: Sax (Baritone), Sax (Soprano)
    Jenell Marshall: Drums (Bass), Claves, Drums (Snare)
    Efrem Towns: Trumpet
    Raymond Weber: Drums
    Kevin Harris: Sax (Tenor), Vocals, Cowbell, Ride Cymbal

    Production Credits:

    Scott Billington: Producer
    David Farrell: Engineer
    Jay Gallagher: Engineer
    Tina Hanson: Engineer
    Jimmy Ienner, Jr.: Photography
    Steve Reynolds: Engineer
    Kalamu Ya Salaam: Liner Notes
    Mark Wessel: Mixing
    Christopher Austopchuk: Art Direction
    Tom Coyne: Mastering
    Mark Burdett: Art Direction

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words