Ferron - Still Riot
    1. Chosen Ones (Benedictson/Ferron/Havers) - 5:26
    2. Alice Says Yes (Ferron/Havers) - 5:40
    3. Venus as Appearances (Benedictson/Ferron/Havers) - 4:18
    4. Still Riot (Ferron/Jennings) - 6:29
    5. Primitive Future (Benedictson/Ferron/Sieber) - 5:34
    6. Takes a Little Time - :53
    7. Takes a Little Time (Ferron/Havers) - 3:44
    8. Ain't Life a Brook (Ferron) - 4:33
    9. I Am Hungry (Ferron) - 5:45
    10. Dazzle the Beast (Ferron/Havers) - 4:15
    11. Signals and Messages (Ferron/Havers) - 4:44
    12. Easy with Love (Ferron/Jennings) - 4:56


    Ferron: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Scarlet Rivera: Violin
    Lauren Wood: Vocals, Choir, Chorus
    Shelley Jennings: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
    Craig Kaleal: Drums
    Jim McGillveray: Percussion
    Vicki Randle: Percussion, Conga, Stick, Timbales, Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Diembe, Djembe, Shaker, Cowbell, Agogo Bell
    Emily Saliers: Vocals, Choir, Chorus
    Jami Sieber: Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Electric Cello
    Larry Tuttle: Chapman Stick
    Chris Webster: Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Choir, Chorus
    Novi Novog: Viola, Clarinet (Alto)
    John Ellis: Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm)
    Susan Becker: Percussion
    Darryl Havers: Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Melodion, Melodica

    Production Credits:

    Ferron: Producer
    Bernie Grundman: Mastering
    John MacClean: Engineer
    Carl Scott: Spiritual Advisor
    Susan Becker: Assistant Engineer
    Victoria Pearson: Photography
    Gabrielle Raumberger: Art Direction
    Howie Rissin: Mixing
    Sheldon Zaharko: Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant Mixer
    Tony Rambo: Assistant Engineer
    Emily Rich: Design
    Jeanne Rizzo: Project Coordinator

    Marco Giunco
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