Sweet Relief II
    1. Kick My Ass (Garbage) - 2:31
    2. Sponge (R.E.M.) - 4:06
    3. Gravity of the Situation (Griffith, Nancy/Hootie & The Blowfish) - 4:35
    4. When I Ran off & Left Her (Soul Asylum) - 3:57
    5. Dodge (Dog's Eye View) - 4:44
    6. Supernatural (Live) - 3:28
    7. Sad Peter Pan (Smashing Pumpkins/Red Red Meat) - 5:08
    8. West of Rome (Sparklehorse) - 5:44
    9. Guilty by Association (Henry, Joe/Madonna) - 4:26
    10. Panic Pure (Hersh, Kristin) - 2:54
    11. Withering (Cracker) - 4:14
    12. Free of Hope (Indigo Girls) - 5:43
    13. Florida (O'Hara, Mary Margaret) - 2:51
    14. God Is Good (Chesnutt, Vic/Williams, Victoria) - 5:19


    Nanci Griffith: Guitar(Acoustic),Vocals
    Victoria Williams: Guitar(Electric),Vocals
    Marc Ribot: Guitar
    Vic Chesnutt: Guitar(Acoustic),Vocals
    Joe Henry: Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Vibes
    Hugh Marsh: Violin
    Carla Azar: Drums
    Jon Brion: Vibes,Optigan
    Mark Bryan: Mando
    Sterling Campbell: Drums
    Madonna: Vocals
    Don Heffington: Drums
    James Hooker :Organ(Hammond)
    Doug Lancio: Guitar(Electric)
    Greg Leisz: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Michael Lorant: Percussion,Drums
    Shirley Manson: Vocals
    Steve Marker: Guitar,Sampling,Loops
    Patrick McCarthy: Percussion
    Don McCollister: Bass,Percussion
    Pat McInerney: Percussion
    Karl Mueller: Bass
    Daniel Murphy: Guitar,Vocals
    David Pirner: Guitar,Vocals
    Amy Ray: Vocals,Slg
    Emily Saliers: Guitar,Piano,Vocals
    Daniel Shulman: Bass
    Bill Taft: Banjo,Cornet
    Butch Vig: Drums,Noise,Loops
    John Convertino: Drums,Vibes
    DukeErikson: Guitar,Keyboards
    RustyMcCarthy: Bass,Guitar
    Joey Burns: Cello
    Tina W. Chesnutt: Bass
    Darius Rucker: Vocals
    Joey Huffington: Keyboards
    Jim Sonefeld: Drums
    Dean Felber: Bass

    Production Credits:

    Indigo Girls: Producer
    Soul Asylum: Producer
    Steve Lyon: Mixing
    Joe Henry: Producer,Engineer,Mixing
    Kristin Hersh: Producer
    Tom Lord-Alge: Engineer,Mixing
    Billy Bizeau: Engineer
    John Chelew: Assistant Engineer
    Alex Coletti: Producer
    Billy Corgan: Producer
    Henry Diltz: Photography
    Don Gehman: Engineer,Mixing
    Dr.John Harris: Engineer
    Richard Hasal: Producer,Engineer,Mixing
    Mark Linkous: Producer,Engineer,Mixing
    Scott Litt: Producer
    Patrick McCarthy: Percussion,Producer,Engineer,Mixing
    Don McCollister: Producer,Engineer
    Jeff Moleski: Engineer
    Bill O'Connell: Producer
    R.E.M.: Producer
    Tim Rutili: Producer
    Greg Sowders: Executive Producer
    Jeff Tomei: Engineer
    John Morand: Producer,Engineer,Mixing
    Garbage: Producer,Engineer
    RustyMcCarthy: Engineer,Mixing
    Mary Margaret O'Hara: Producer,Engineer,Mixing
    Steve Rizzo: Engineer
    Doug Boehm: Assistant Engineer
    Doug Trantow: Engineer
    Robbie Cavolina: Art Direction
    Victor Janacua: Assistant Engineer,Mixing Assistant
    Glenn Matullo: Assistant Engineer
    Phil Schuster: Recording Supervision
    Fred Drake: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words