High and Lonesome - For Sale Or Rent
    1. Strawberry Wine
    2. Why Don't You Stop Me Now
    3. Doin' Time
    4. Cry
    5. This Is All We Are
    6. Ceremonial Child
    7. Come Back
    8. Picture On The Wall
    9. While You Undress
    10. The F-Tune


    Dustin Conner: Bass Guitar
    Jim Viner: Drums
    Ruairi Fennessy: Guitar
    Darren Matthews: Guitar
    David Zollo: Keyboards, Vocals
    Bo Ramsey
    Al Murphy
    Bob Black
    Jim Drier
    Dave Moore
    Bob Thompson
    Brent Sandy

    Production Credits:

    David Zollo: Producer
    Bo Ramsey: Producer
    John Svec: Producer, Recorder, Mixing
    Dave Burlingame: Additional Engineer
    Sandy Dyas: Photography
    John Gohman: Mastered

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words