Steve Earle & the Dukes- The Hard Way
    1. The Other Kind  (Steve Earle)
    2. Promise You Anything  (Steve Earle, Maria McKee, Patrick Suggs)
    3. Esmeralda’s Hollywood  (Steve Earle, Maria McKee)
    4. Hopeless Romantics  (Steve Earle)
    5. This Highway’s Mine (Roadmaster)  (Steve Earle)
    6. Billy Austin  (Steve Earle)
    7. Justice in Ontario  (Steve Earle)
    8. Have Mercy  (Steve Earle)
    9. When The People Find Out  (Steve Earle)
    10. Country Girl  (Steve Earle)
    11. Regular Guy  (Steve Earle)
    12. West Nashville Boogie  (Steve Earle)
    13. Close Your Eyes  (Steve Earle)


    Steve Earle: Acoustic guitar, electric guitars, mandolin, Mandoblaster, 6-string bass, guitar synthesizer, percussion
                        program , harmonies , motorcycle
    Bucky Baxter: Mullins pedal steel guitar
    Ken Moore: Organ, synthesizer and string arrangements
    Zip Gibson: Electric guitars and vocals
    Kelly Looney: Bass and vocals
    Craig Wright: Drums
    John Jarvis: Piano
    Lester Snell: Organ
    Patrick Earle: Percussion
    Stacey Earle Mims: Harmony
    William C. Brown: Background vocals
    Susan Jerome: Background vocals
    Patricia Snell: Background vocals
    The Christ Missionary Baptist Church Choir, Memphis, TN: Background vocals

    Background chorus on Regular Guy (a bunch of white people directed by Skott Nelson):  Scot Bonner,
            Stacey Mims, Amy Dotson, Ian Earle, Chip Phillips, Katryna Haddrick, Patrick Earle, Billy Steel, Denis Colby,
            Chuck Allen, Doug Baker, Billy Baker, Ken Moore, Peter Keppler, Zip Gibson, Robyn Gibson, Tommy McRae
            Craig Wright, Kelly Looney, Justin Earle

    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words