Tony Bird - Bird in Paradise
    1. Bird of Paradise
    2. Zambezi Zimbabwe
    3. Nothing But Time
    4. Black Brother
    5. There's a Bright Dawn
    6. She Loves Someone
    7. Cape of Flowers
    8. Won't Be Travelin' On
    9. Mynah Birds
    10. How Much More Do You Want?


    Tony Bird: Guitar, Vocals
    Arlen Roth: Banjo, Guitar
    Dom Cortese: Accordion
    Gordon Grody: Vocals
    Errol Bennett: Percussion
    Francisco Centeno: Bass
    Richard Crooks: Drums
    John Crowder: Vocals
    Selaelo Dan Maredi: Vocals
    Ron Getman: Vocals
    Morris Goldberg: Wind
    Fana David Kekana: Vocals
    Barry Lazarowitz: Percussion
    John Lissauer: Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
    Deborah MacDuffie: Vocals
    Thembi Mishali: Vocals
    Themba Ntinga: Vocals
    Chris Parker: Drums
    Falumi Prince: Percussion
    Joel Reiff: Bass
    Dave Samuels: Percussion
    Seth Sibanda: Vocals
    John Siegler: Bass
    Linda Tshabalala: Vocals
    Stu Woods: Bass

    Production Credits:

    John Lissauer: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words