Step Right Up: The Songs of Tom Waits
    1. Old Shoes (Drugstore)
    2. Mockin' Bird (Tindersticks)
    3. Better off Without a Wife (Shelley, Pete)
    4. Red Shoes by the Drugstore (Wedding Present)
    5. Step Right Up (Violent Femmes)
    6. Downtown (Chilton, Alex)
    7. Big Joe and Phantom 309 (Archers Of Loaf)
    8. You Can't Unring a Bell (These Immortal Souls)
    9. Pasties and a G-String (Pierce, Jeffrey Lee)
    10. Christmas Card from a Hooker in... (Magnapop)
    11. Ol' 55 (Alvin, Dave)
    12. Jersey Girl (Pale Saints)
    13. Martha (Buckley, Tim)
    14. Ruby's Arms (Frente!)
    15. I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with (10, 000 Maniacs)


    Dave Alvin: Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger, Vocals
    Tim Buckley: Vocals
    Alex Chilton: Guitar, Vocals
    Brian Ritchie: Engineer, One-String Bass
    Pete Shelley: Guitar, Vocals
    The Wedding Present: Group
    Magnapop: Group
    Angelic Voices Of Faith: Guitar
    Frente!: Group
    Tindersticks: Group
    Jerome Augustyniak: Drums
    Meriel Barham: Vocals
    Robert Buck: Guitar
    Earl Dumler: Horn (English)
    Dennis Drew: Keyboards
    Terry Edwards: Multi Instruments
    Joe Falsia: Guitar
    Gordon Gano: Guitar, Vocals
    David Gedge:
    Steve Gustafson: Bass
    Buddy Helm: Drums
    Dan Hersch: Mastering
    Rowland Howard: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Bill Inglot: Mastering
    Greg Leisz: Mandolin, Arranger, Guitar (Electric)
    Natalie Merchant: Vocals
    Bernie Mysior: Bass
    Brian Paulson: Producer
    Jeffrey Lee Pierce: Vocals
    Mark Price: Drums, Vocals
    Simon Smith    
    Drugstore: Group
    Craig Williams: Drums
    Chris Cooper: Drums
    Linda Hopper: Vocals
    Ruthie Morris: Guitar
    Shannon Mulvaney: Bass
    Phil Barker: Drums
    Spencer P. Jones: Guitar (Electric)
    Guy Hoffman: Drums
    Eric Bachmann: Guitar, Vocals
    Angie Hart: Vocals
    Simon Austin: Tubular Bells
    Tony Barber: Bass, Guitar
    Genevieve McGuckin: Organ, Piano
    Mike Chylinski: Drums
    Graeme Naysmith: Guitar, Producer
    Bill McDonald: Bass
    Daron Robinson: Guitar
    Alastair Barden: Drums
    Irving Charles: Bass
    Laurence Maddy: Trombone
    Isabel Monteiro: Bass, Vocals
    Matt Gentling: Bass, Vocals
    Denny Rendell: Keyboards

    Production Credits:

    Brian Ritchie: Engineer
    The Wedding Present: Producer
    Magnapop: Producer
    Frente!: Producer
    Tindersticks: Mixing
    Martin Brass: Overdubs, Mixing
    Warren A. Bruleigh: Overdubs, Mixing
    Gary Dobbins: Producer
    Paul Fox: Producer
    Gordon Gano: Overdubs, Mixing
    Greg Leisz: Producer
    Mark Mason: Assistant Engineer
    Sandy Solomon: Engineer, Mixing
    Phil Tennant: Producer
    Victor Van Vugt: Engineer
    David Vartanian: Engineer
    Steve Whitfield: Engineer
    Drugstore: Producer
    Tony Cohen: Producer
    Lisa Sutton: Art Direction
    Art Fein: Photography
    Bernie Zwas: Engineer
    Evan Cohen: Executive Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words