From the Vaults: The Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 1
    1. Flat Tire (London)
    2. Drivin' Slow (London)
    3. Got My Application, Baby (Jackson)
    4. Trouble (Jackson)
    5. We All Gotta Go Sometime (Louis)
    6. She May Be Yours (Louis)
    7. Baker Shop Boogie (Nix)
    8. Seems Like a Million Years (Nix)
    9. Easy (Jimmy & Walter)
    10. Before Long (Jimmy & Walter)
    11. Bear Cat (Thomas)
    12. Walkin' in the Rain (Thomas)
    13. Heaven or Fire (Dusty Brooks & His Tones)
    14. Tears and Wine (Dusty Brooks & His Tones)
    15. Lonesome Old Jail (Hunt)
    16. Greyhound Blues (Hunt)
    17. Call Me Anything But Call Me (Big Memphis Marainey)
    18. Baby, No, No! (Big Memphis Marainey)
    19. Take a Little Chance (DeBerry)
    20. Time Has Made a Change (DeBerry)
    21. Baby Please (Prisonaires)
    22. Just Walking in the Rain (Prisonaires)
    23. Feeling Good (Little Junior One Hand)
    24. Fussin' and Fightin' Blues (Little Junior One Hand)
    25. Tiger Man (Thomas)
    26. Save That Money (Thomas)
    27. My God Is Real (Prisonaires)
    28. Softly and Tenderly (Prisonaires)
    29. Blues Waltz (Ripley Cotton Choppers)
    30. Silver Bells (Ripley Cotton Choppers)
    31. Prisoner's Prayer (Prisonaires)
    32. I Know (Prisonaires)
    33. Mystery Train (Little Junior One Hand)
    34. Love My Baby (Little Junior One Hand)
    35. Come Back Baby (Ross)
    36. Chicago Breakdown (Ross)
    37. Beggin' My Baby (Little Milton)
    38. Somebody Told Me (Little Milton)
    39. No Teasing Around (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    40. If Lovin' Is Believing (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    41. Wolf Call Boogie (Hot Shot Love)
    42. Harmonica Jam (Hot Shot Love)
    43. Boogie Blues (Peterson, Earl)
    44. In the Dark (Peterson, Earl)
    45. Troublesome Waters (Peterson, Earl)
    46. I Must Be Saved (Seratt, Howard)
    47. My Baby (Cotton, James)
    48. Straighten up, Baby (Cotton, James)
    49. If You Love Me (Little Milton)
    50. Alone and Blue (Little Milton)
    51. Gonna Dance All Night (Gunter, Hardrock)
    52. Fallen Angel (Gunter, Hardrock)
    53. Now She Cares No More (Poindexter, Doug)
    54. My Kind of Carryin' On (Poindexter, Doug)
    55. I'm Not Going Home (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    56. Woodchuck (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    57. Bourbon Street Jump (Hill, Raymond)
    58. Snuggle (Hill, Raymond)
    59. Great Medical Menagerist (Harmonica Frank)
    60. Rockin' Chair Daddy (Harmonica Frank)
    61. Cotton Crop Blues (Cotton, James)
    62. Hold Me in Your Arms (Cotton, James)
    63. There Is Love in You (Prisonaires, The)
    64. What'll You Do Next (Prisonaires, The)
    65. Right or Wrong (Cunningham, Buddy)
    66. 8why Do I Cry? (Cunningham, Buddy)
    67. That's All Right (Presley, Elvis)
    68. Blue Moon of Kentucky (Presley, Elvis)
    69. Good Rockin' Tonight (Presley, Elvis)
    70. I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine (Presley, Elvis)
    71. Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Malcolm Yelvington)
    72. Just Rolling Along (Malcolm Yelvington)
    73. Boogie Disease (Ross, Doctor)
    74. Jukebox Boogie (Ross, Doctor)
    75. Look to Jesus (Jones Brothers, The)
    76. Every Night (Jones Brothers, The)
    77. Move Baby Move (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    78. When It Rains It Pours (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    79. Milk Cow Blues Boogie (Presley, Elvis)
    80. You're a Heartbreaker (Presley, Elvis)
    81. Don't Believe (Rhodes, Slim)
    82. Uncertain Love (Rhodes, Slim)
    83. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Presley, Elvis)
    84. Baby Let's Play House (Presley, Elvis)
    85. I Feel So Worried (Lewis, Sammy)
    86. So Long Baby, Goodbye (Lewis, Sammy)
    87. Red Hot (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    88. No Greater Love (Emerson, Billy"The Kid")
    89. Homesick for My Baby (Little Milton)
    90. Lookin' for My Baby (Little Milton)
    91. Cry, Cry, Cry (Cash, Johnny)
    92. Hey Porter (Cash, Johnny)
    93. Don't Do That! (Five Tinos, The)
    94. Sitting by My Window (Five Tinos, The)
    95. Mystery Train (Presley, Elvis)
    96. I Forgot to Remember to Forget (Presley, Elvis)
    97. Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing (Perkins, Carl)
    98. Gone, Gone, Gone (Perkins, Carl)
    99. House of Sin (Rhodes, Slim)
    100. Are You Ashamed of Me (Rhodes, Slim)
    101. Ain't That Right (Snow, Eddie)
    102. Bring Your Love Back Home (Snow, Eddie)
    103. Just Love Me Baby (Gordon, Rosco)
    104. Weeping Blues (Gordon, Rosco)
    105. Signifying Monkey (Smokey Joe)
    106. Listen to Me Baby (Smokey Joe)
    107. Movie Magg (Perkins, Carl)
    108. Turn Around (Perkins, Carl)
    109. Lonely Sweetheart (Taylor, Bill)
    110. Split Personality (Taylor, Bill/Joe, Smokey)
    111. I've Been Deceived (Feathers, Charlie)
    112. Peepin' Eyes (Feathers, Charlie)
    113. Someday You Will Pay (Miller Sisters)
    114. You Didn't Think I Would (Miller Sisters)


    Production Credits:

    Hank Davis: Liner Notes
    Colin Escott: Liner Notes
    Sam Phillips: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words