Peter Himmelman - Flown This Acid World
    1. Flown This Acid World (Peter Himmelman)
    2. Beneath the Damage and the Dust (Peter Himmelman)
    3. Closer (Peter Himmelman)
    4. Things to Say (Peter Himmelman)
    5. Child into a Man (Peter Himmelman)
    6. You Know Me Better Than I Do (Peter Himmelman)
    7. Always in Disguise (Peter Himmelman)
    8. How Did It Come Down to This (Peter Himmelman)
    9. Raina (Peter Himmelman)
    10. Weight of the Wait (Peter Himmelman)
    11. Cross This Bridge (Peter Himmelman)
    12. Untitled (Peter Himmelman)


    Peter Himmelman: Guitar, Vocals
    Mike Campbell: Guitar, Mandolin
    Benmont Tench: Accordion, Harmonium
    Phil Jones: Percussion
    Andrew Kamman: Drums
    Jeff Victor: Keyboards, Vocals
    Al Wolovitch: Bass
    Lisa Haley: Fiddle, Vocals
    Kristin Mooney: Vocals
    Greg Herzenach: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Peter Himmelman: Producer
    Shawn Berman: Assistant Engineer
    Richard Hasal: Assistant Engineer
    Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
    Don Smith: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Marlene Rosenberg: Photography
    Francesca Restrepo: Art Direction, Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words