Evening in Torpor

Evening in Torpor was an album recorded as a student project at Fredonia State University in around 1981 by Al Garzon
and Paul Reimer that Natalie Merchant and Rob Buck, along with other people, were a part of. In 1988, Al released the album
without the permission of the performers on the album in the hopes of profiting, and a lawsuit was filed.
There are some truly interesting things on the album. Definately worth a listen.
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  1. Rectangles
  2. Daffodils
  3. les Cendriers
  4. Mother's Family Ring
  5. The Playground
  6. Crumble Down
  7. Defense Rap Trip
  8. Bathroom Tile Dance


Kathy Good: vocals
Rob Buck: guitar
Al Garzon: drums, synthesizers, piano, vocals, drums
Natalie Merchant: vocals
Al Garzon: organ and prepared piano
Mary Floramo: poetry & recitation
Tracey Rammacher: vocals
Stacey Rammacher: vocals
Teresa Genovese: French horn
Ken Beckenstein: drums
Dave Hudson: cello
Harry Jacobson: bass

Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words