Valerie Carter - Just a Stone's Throw Away
    1. Ooh Child (Vincent) - 2:56
    2. Ringing Doorbells in the Rain (Carter/Koss) - 2:40
    3. Heartache (George/Ulv) - 2:55
    4. Face of Appalachia (George/Sebastian) - 4:15
    5. So, So, Happy (Scarborough) - 3:42
    6. Stone's Throw Away (Keith/Tibbles) - 3:59
    7. Cowboy Angel (Carter/George) - 3:51
    8. City Lights (Dunn/McKay/White/White/White) - 3:18
    9. Back to Blue Some More (Carter/George/Payne) - 5:49


    Deniece Williams: Vocals
    Jackson Browne
    John Sebastian
    Maurice White: Vocals, Producer
    Chuck Rainey: Bass
    Paul Barrére: Guitar
    Valerie Carter: Vocals
    Lowell George: Guitar, Vocals
    John Hall
    Tom Jans
    George Bohannon: Horn
    Oscar Brashear: Horn
    David Campbell: Strings, Arranger
    Colin Cameron
    Sam Clayton: Percussion
    Larry Dunn
    Bob Glaub
    Mike Harris
    Al McKay
    Don Myrick: Saxophone
    Jeff Porcaro: Drums
    Bill Payne: Keyboards
    William Payne: Arranger
    Herb Pedersen: Vocals
    Jerry Peters: Arranger
    Louis Satterfield: Bass
    Skip Scarborough
    Fred Tackett: Guitar
    Mike Utley: Keyboards
    Ernie Watts: Saxophone
    Ernest Watts
    Fred White
    Verdine White
    Andrew Woolfolk
    Skip Scrborough

    Production Credits:

    Lowell George: Producer
    Adam Block: Director
    George Massenburg: Producer, Engineer
    Kent Nebergall: Assistant Engineer
    Mike Reese: Mastering
    Dean Rod: Assistant Engineer
    Jack Rouben: Assistant Engineer
    Reed Stanley: Assistant Engineer
    Fran Tate: Assistant Engineer
    Bob Irwin: Producer
    Vic Anesini: Mastering
    Elliot Gilbert: Photography
    Tom Steele: Design
    Lisa Sparagano: Art Direction
    Ron Coro: Design
    Ken Anderson: Design
    Richard Goodman: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words