The Best of Mountain Stage Live, Volume VI
    1. Girl from the North Country (Hornsby, Bruce) - 3:29
    2. Mr. Wrong (Cracker) - 4:27
    3. World Leader Pretend (R.E.M.) - 4:38
    4. Outbound Plane (Griffith, Nanci) - 2:39
    5. Black Sunshine (Me Phi Me) - 4:01
    6. Headmasters of Mine (Gaines, Jeffrey) - 4:08
    7. After You're Gone (Dement, Iris) - 3:58
    8. Blue World (Brady, Paul) - 4:17
    9. What a Good Boy (Barenaked Ladies) - 4:09
    10. Working on a Building (Hampton, Col. Bruce and The Aquarium...) - 4:58


    Nanci Griffith: Guitar, Vocals
    Iris Dement: Guitar, Vocals
    Paul Brady: Guitar, Vocals
    Bruce Hornsby: Piano, Vocals
    Bob Thompson: Piano, Keyboards
    Me Phi Me: Guitar, Vocals
    Peter Buck: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
    Oteil Burbridge: Bass
    John Michael Falasz III: Guitar
    Jeffrey Gaines: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    Col. Bruce Hampton: Vocals
    Jimmy Herring: Guitar
    Peter Holsapple: Accordion
    David Lowery: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    Mike Mills: Bass
    Tyler Stewart: Drums, Vocals
    Michael Stipe: Vocals
    John Thomas: Keyboards
    Julie Adams: Vocals
    John Kessler: Bass
    Steven Page: Guitar, Vocals
    Ammed Solomon: Percussion, Drums
    Ron Sowell: Guitar, Harmonica, Director
    Kurtis Bohannon: Keyboards
    David Farragher: Bass, Vocals
    Andy Greeggan: Conductor, Conga, Keyboards, Vocals
    Jim Greeggan: Bass, Vocals
    Jimmy Hering: Guitar
    Matt Monday: Mandolin, Vocals
    Percy Person: Bass
    Ed Robertson: Guitar, Vocals
    Anthony Taylor: Drums
    Milchael Urboro: Drums
    Bill Berry: Conductor, Conga
    Johnny Hickman: Guitar, Vocals
    Jim Creeggan: Bass, Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Tom Lewis: Editing
    Larry Groce: Producer
    Al Bunetta: Producer
    Dan Einstein: Producer
    Francis Fisher: Engineer, Technical Director
    Randy LeRoy: Editing, Mastering
    Michael Lipton: Assistant Engineer
    Andy Ridenour: Executive Producer
    Dawn Bunetta: Production Coordination
    Diane Painter: Design
    Jim Burrows: Monitor Mixer
    Don Wafer: Stage Director
    Linda McSparin: Associate Producer
    David McClanahan: Director, Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words