Jack Hardy - Civil Wars

    1. The Black Hole (4:09)
    2. I Have Eyes (4:12)
    3. The Hawk (3:45)
    4. Das Kapital (3:46)
    5. Double-Edged Sword (3:50)
    6. The Zephyr (Take It Slow) (5:17)
    7. The Three Ravens (2:59)
    8. The Promise (3:36)
    9. Fool for the Dancer (Movin' on Down the Road) (3:45)
    10. The 111th Pennsylvane (8:53)
    11. Johnny's Gone (4:55)


    Jack Hardy: vocal, acoustic guitar
    Wendy Beckerman: harmonies
    Maggie Roche: harmonies
    Terre Roche: harmonies
    Suzzy Roche: harmonies
    Tom Duval: harmonies, acoustic guitar
    Jenny Hersch: acoustic bass
    David Hamburger: dobro
    Steve Burgh: electric guitar
    Jill Burkee: long neck banjo
    Jeff Berman: drums

    Production Credits:

    Rojo: Engineer
    Wendy Beckerman: Photos
    Mark Dann: Remastering

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words