Colin Linden - South at Eight-North at Nine
    1. Go Wherever You Want To (Linden/Mink) - 4:39
    2. I Want to Be Loved (Dixon) - 4:22
    3. The Way Heaven Feels (Linden) - 3:11
    4. Singing This Song (Linden) - 4:21
    5. Gonna Get on My Feet After a While (Terry) - 2:30
    6. Black Horse Blues (Jefferson/Public Domain) - 2:54
    7. Still Yesterday (Linden) - 4:47
    8. Positively the One (Linden) - 4:52
    9. Dry Land (Linden) - 3:08
    10. Scrambled Eggs (Linden) - 4:45
    11. Richard Lee (Linden) - 5:14
    12. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (Public Domain) - 2:55
    13. Leap O' Faith (Linden) - 3:54


    Bruce Cockburn: Dobro, Guitar, Vocals, Voices
    Rick Danko: Harmony Vocals, Harmony
    Lori Yates: Vocals
    Richard Bell: Organ, Piano
    Gary Craig: Percussion, Drums
    John Dymond: Bass, Fretless Bass
    Levon Helm: Mandolin, Harmony Vocals, Harmony
    Garth Hudson: Accordion
    Colin Linden: Guitar, Mandolin, Arranger, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Harmony
    John Whynot: Organ, Tambourine
    Terry Wilkins: Bass, String Bass
    Ken Whiteley: Vocals
    Blair Packham: Harmony Vocals, Harmony
    Curtis Driedger: Mandolin, Violin, Sampling, Harmony Vocals, Harmony
    Janice Powers: Harmony Vocals, Harmony
    Scott Dibble: Harmony Vocals, Concept, Harmony

    Production Credits:

    Richard Chycki: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    Gary Craig: Associate Producer
    Todd Levine: Assistant Engineer
    Colin Linden: Producer, Engineer,
    Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
    John Naslen: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    Scott Petito: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    John Whynot: Engineer, Mixing
    Chris Laidlaw: Assistant Engineer
    Patrick Duffy: Art Direction, Design
    Randy Labbe: Executive Producer
    Scott Dibble: Assistant Engineer
    John Rod: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
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