High and Lonesome - Alackaday
    1. Love Like Rain
    2. Fifteen Dollars
    3. Lonesome Childhood
    4. I Gave Up On You
    5. Shake It In My Face
    6. Rescue Me
    7. Truck Stop Lover
    8. Alackaday
    9. Goodbye, Goodbye
    10. Driftwood From Kerry
    11. Shining Softly


    Dustin Conner: Bass Guitar
    Brad Engeldinger: Drums
    Ruairi Fennessy: Guitar
    Darren Matthews: Guitar
    David Zollo: Keyboards, Vocals
    Bo Ramsey: Slide Guitar, Lap Steel

    Production Credits:

    Bo Ramsey: Producer
    High and Lonesome: Producer
    John Svec: Producer, Engineer
    Radoslav Lorkovic:Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words