Billy Falcon - Letters from a Paper Ship
    1. Wonder Years (Falcon) - 4:04
    2. Love Birds (Falcon) - 4:13
    3. Cold Hard World (Falcon) - 4:19
    4. I Like How It Feels (Falcon) - 3:40
    5. My Weakness (Falcon) - 4:14
    6. Drinks and Jewelry (Falcon) - 4:24
    7. Paper Ship (Falcon) - 3:49
    8. Don't Want Any (Falcon) - 4:50
    9. Mama's Face (Falcon) - 3:37
    10. I'm Gonna Be There (Falcon) - 4:24
    11. Coffee (Falcon) - 5:10


    Edgar Meyer: String Arrangements
    Matt Rollings: Piano
    Billy Falcon: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Arranger, Vocals
    Ralph Graham: Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Vocals (bckgr), Choir Master
    Grace Bahng: Strings
    Eddie Bayers: Drums
    Larry Byrom: Guitar (Acoustic)
    David Davidson: Strings
    Byron House: Bass (Electric), Bass (Upright), Drum Programming
    Michael Organ: Percussion
    Christian Teal: Strings
    Kristin Wilkinson: Strings

    Production Credits:

    Billy Falcon: Producer
    Jeff Giedt: Assistant Engineer
    Mark Hagen: Assistant Engineer
    John Hurley: Assistant Engineer
    Julian King: Assistant Engineer
    Steve Marcantonio: Mixing
    George Marino: Mastering
    James Stroud: Producer
    Mitchell Kanner: Design
    John Halpern: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words