Bruce Cockburn - Dart to the Heart

It's not the laughter of rain in the drain
It's not the laughter of a man in pain
It's not the laughter you can hide behind
It's not the laughter of a frightened mind
Balanced on the brink only waiting for a shove
You better listen for the laugh of love

    1. Listen For The Laugh (Cockburn)
    2. All The Ways I Want You (Cockburn)
    3. Bone In My Ear (Cockburn)
    4. Burden Of The Angel/Beast (Cockburn)
    5. Scanning These Crowds (Cockburn)
    6. Southland Of The Heart (Cockburn)
    7. Train In The Rain (Cockburn)
    8. Someone I Used To Love (Cockburn)
    9. Love Loves You Too (Cockburn)
    10. Sunrise On The Mississippi (Cockburn)
    11. Closer To The Light (Cockburn)
    12. Tie Me At The Crossroads (Cockburn)


    Bruce Cockburn: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Charango
    Richard Bell: Organ, Piano, Accordion, Vocals, Wurlitzer
    Tench Benmont: Organ
    Stephen Bruton: Vocals
    T-Bone Burnett: Drums, Vocals
    Mickey Curry: Drums, Vocals
    Denny Fongheiser: Drums
    Greg Leisz: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Darrell Leonard: Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
    Colin Linden: Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Slide Guitar
    Christiaan Mostert: Sax (Tenor)
    Chris Parker: Percussion, Drums
    Sam Phillips: Vocals
    Jerry Scheff: Bass, Vocals
    Greg Smith: Sax (Baritone)
    Christopher Parker: Percussion, Drums
    Chris Laidlaw: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    T-Bone Burnett: Producer
    Greg Calbi: Mastering
    Glyn Johns: Mixing
    Anthony Aquilato: Technical Assistance
    Christopher Austopchuk: Art Direction
    Noel Hazen: Engineer
    Chris Laidlaw: Assistant Engineer
    Dana Tynan: Photography
    Sara Rotman: Art Direction
    Mike Piersante: Assistant Engineer
    Joe Schipp: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words