Janis Joplin - Janis (CD Set)
    1. What Good Can Drinkin' Do (2:42) (John Riney's)
    2. Trouble in Mind (3:02) (Kaukonen)
    3. Hesitation Blues (4:03) (Kaukonen)
    4. Easy Rider (2:21) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    5. Coo-Coo (2:02) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    6. Down on Me (2:03) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    7. The Last Time (2:12) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    8. All Is Loneliness (2:15) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    9. .Call on Me (3:34) San Francisco, 3/17/67
    10. Women Is Losers (5:05) San Francisco, 12/9/66
    11. Intruder (2:28) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    12. Light Is Faster than Sound (2:28) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    13. Bye, Bye Baby (2:35) (Big Brother and The Holding Company)
    14. Farewell Song (4:21) (Columbia Studios 3/25/68, Take #3)
    15. Flower in the Sun (3:10) Joplin in Concert, San Francisco, 6/23/68
    16. Misery 'n (4:09) Farewell Song, alternate mix
    17. Road Block (6:18) Monterey 17/6/67, Afternoon
    18. Ball and Chain (8:05) Monterey 17/6/67, Afternoon
    19. Combination of the Two (5:51) Cheap Thrills
    20. I Need a Man to Love (4:49) Cheap Thrills
    21. Piece of My Heart (4:26) Cheap Thrills
    22. Turtle Blues (4:28) Cheap Thrills
    23. Oh, Sweet Mary (4:13) Cheap Thrills
    24. Catch Me Daddy (4:53) Cheap Thrills
    25. Summertime (4:04) Take # 1 Cheap Thrills
    26. Kozmic Blues (4:21) Kozmic Blues
    27. Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) (3:54) Kozmic Blues
    28. One Good Man (4:07) Kozmic Blues
    29. Dear Landlord (2:30) Kozmic Blues
    30. To Love Somebody (5:16) Kozmic Blues
    31. As Good as You've Been to This World (5:24) Kozmic Blues
    32. Little Girl Blue (3:48) Kozmic Blues
    33. Work Me, Lord (6:35) Kozmic Blues
    34. Raise Your Hand (2:17) Ed Sullivan Show, 16/3/69
    35. Maybe (4:07) Ed Sullivan Show, 16/3/69
    36. Me & Bobby McGee Demo (4:46)
    37. One Night Stand (3:08)
    38. Tell Mama (5:45)
    39. Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) (8:14)
    40. Cry Baby (4:56)
    41. Move Over (3:41)
    42. A Woman Left Lonely (3:29)
    43. Half Moon (3:53)
    44. Happy Birthday, John (Happy Trails) (1:09)
    45. My Baby (3:43)
    46. Mercedes Benz (2:11)
    47. Trust Me (3:14)
    48. Get it While You Can (3:23)
    49. Me & Bobby McGee (4:29)


    Michael Bloomfield: Guitar
    Sandra Crouch: Tambourine
    Big Brother & the Holding Company: Group
    Janis Joplin: Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger, Autoharp, Vocals, Voices, Choir, Chorus
    Jorma Kaukonen: Guitar
    Bobby Womack: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Luis Gasca: Trumpet
    John Simon: Piano, Producer
    John Cooke: Choir, Chorus
    Peter Albin: Bass
    Sam Andrew: Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
    Phil Badella: Choir, Chorus
    Maury Baker: Drums
    Richard Bell: Piano, Choir, Chorus
    Brad Campbell: Bass, Choir, Chorus
    Lonnie Castille: Drums
    Terry Clements: Sax (Tenor)
    Cornelius "Snookey" Flowers: Sax (Baritone), Vocals (bckgr)
    David Getz: Drums
    James Gurley: Guitar
    Richard Kermode: Keyboards
    Gabriel Mekler: Arranger, Keyboards
    Vince Mitchell: Choir, Chorus
    Ken Pearson: Organ, Choir, Chorus
    Clark Pierson: Drums, Choir, Chorus
    Paul Rothchild: Voices
    John Till: Guitar, Choir, Chorus
    Bobby Hall: Bongos, Conga
    The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    Janis Joplin and Her Kozmic Blues Band: Group
    Janis Joplin and the Full Tilt Boogie Band: Group
    Bobbie Hall: Bongos, Conga

    Production Credits:

    Janis Joplin: Producer
    Jorma Kaukonen: Producer
    Todd Rundgren: Producer
    Lou Adler: Producer
    Bob Cohen: Engineer
    Don DeVito: Executive Producer
    Elliot Mazer: Producer, Remixing, Assistant Producer, Musical Consultant
    Gabriel Mekler: Producer
    John Phillips: Producer
    Paul Rothchild: Producer
    Bob Shad: Producer
    Gary Pacheco: Production Coordination
    Jerry Shulman: Executive Producer
    Bob Irwin: Compilation Producer
    Gina Campanaro: Packaging Manager
    David Gahr: Photography
    Vic Anesini: Remixing, Remastering
    Bob Seidemann: Photography
    Dana Shimizu: Design Assistant
    Sara Rotman: Art Direction
    Charlie Sarrica: Graphic Production
    John Riney: Producer, Engineer
    Joseph Sia: Photography
    Ellen Willis: Liner Notes
    Ann Powers: Liner Notes
    Bill Brach: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words