The Black Family - The Black Family
    1. Broom of the Cowdenknows (Traditional)
    2. Colcannon (Traditional)
    3. Motorway Song (Rosselson)
    4. Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Dylan)
    5. Donkey Riding (Traditional)
    6. Will Ye Gang, Love (Traditional)
    7. Bramble and the Rose (Traditional)
    8. Ploughboy Lads (Traditional)
    9. Warlike Lads of Russia (Traditional)
    10. Dark and Roving Eye (Traditional)
    11. James Connolly (Galvin)
    12. Wheel the Perambulator (Traditional)


    The Black Family:  Arranger, Group
    Pat Armstrong
    Martin Black
    Michael Black
    Mary Black
    Frances Black
    Garvan Gallagher
    Martin O'Connor

    Production Credits:

    Dan Fitzgerald: Engineer
    Declan Sinnott: Producer
    Colm Henry: Photography
    Shay Black: Song Notes

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words