The Best of Mountain Stage Live, Volume V
    1. Angels (Holsapple, Peter/Stamey, Chris)
    2. Early Summer Rain (Welch, Kevin)
    3. Walkin' (For Your Love) (Widespread Panic)
    4. Particle Man (They Might Be Giants)
    5. Peace (Los Lobos)
    6. Love's Recovery (Indigo Girls)
    7. Responsibility (Forbert, Steve)
    8. Goodnite Irene (Pere Ubu)
    9. Any Cure (Subdudes)
    10. Rockin' the Res (Trudell, John)


    Kevin Welch: Guitar, Vocals
    Lou Perez: Drums, Vocals
    Steve Forbert: Guitar, Vocals
    T. Lavitz: Organ, Piano
    Tom "Bones" Malone: Guitar, Vocals
    Bob Thompson: Keyboards, Band
    Mike Henderson: Guitar (Electric)
    Chris Stamey: Guitar, Vocals
    David Thomas: Vocals
    John Trudell: Vocals
    Johnny Allen: Bass
    Steve Amedee: Percussion, Vocals
    Clay Barnes: Guitar (Electric)
    John Bell: Guitar, Vocals
    Steve Berlin: Sax (Baritone)
    Alan Bezozi: Drums
    Deni Bonet: Violin, Band
    Eric Drew Feldman: Keyboards, Vocals
    John Flansburgh:  Guitar, Vocals
    David Hidalgo: Guitar, Vocals
    Kurt Hoffman: Reeds, Keyboards, Reeds (Multiple)
    Peter Holsapple: Guitar, Vocals
    Michael Houser: Guitar, Vocals
    Jimmy Jones: Guitar, Vocals
    Scott Krauss: Drums
    Randy LeRoy: Digital Editing, Mastering
    John Linnell: Reeds, Accordion, Vocals, Reeds (Multiple)
    Conrad Lozano: Bass, Vocals (bckgr)
    John Magnie: Keyboards, Vocals
    Tony Maimone: Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
    Todd Nance: Drums
    Domingo S. Ortiz: Percussion
    Quiltman: Percussion, Vocals
    Lorne Rall: Bass
    Amy Ray: Guitar, Vocals
    Gary Ray: Drums
    Cesar Rosas: Guitar, Vocals
    Emily Saliers: Guitar, Vocals
    Dave Schools: Bass
    Dave Schramm: Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Mark Shark: Guitar
    Julie Adams: Band
    John Kessler: Bass, Band
    Ammed Solomon: Percussion, Drums, Band
    Ron Sowell: Guitar, Harmonica, Director, Band
    Bill Engel: Bass
    John Falnsburgh: Guitar, Vocals
    Jon Feinberg: Drums
    Elliott Goldberg: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
    Ilene Markell: Bass (Electric)
    Tommy Malone: Guitar, Vocals
    Fabulous Twister Sisters
    Mountain Stage Band
    Jim Burrows: Mixing
    Louie Perez: Drums, Vocals
    Jim Jones: Guitar, Vocals
    Johnny Ray Allen: Bass
    Bobby Hicks: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Larry Groce: Producer, Liner Notes
    Al Bunetta: Producer
    Dan Einstein: Producer
    Francis Fisher: Engineer, Technical Director
    Michael Lipton: Assistant Engineer
    Andy Ridenour: Executive Producer
    Jeff Young: Director
    Dawn Bunetta: Production Coordination
    Don Wafer: Director
    Linda McSparin: Associate Producer
    David McClanahan: Assistant Engineer, Assistant Technical Director
    Jason Raznick: Assistant Producer
    Lance Schrader: Assistant Producer
    Ann Pauley: Assistant Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words